Three Things Friday, etc.

This week…

The good: I finished my mom-in-law’s Christmas present – an apron made from chicken fabric – and it is sooo cute! I’m excited to make the matching pot holders!Chicken Apron

The not-so-good: I’ve been a little overwhelmed with my to-do list o_O But not too bad!

The best: I received this charming package from Diane at Dearly Dee. She wrapped everything so sweetly and inside were tons of cute goodies! Thanks, Diane!! {hugs}Dearly Dee packagesDearly Dee goodies

Also, in case you haven’t seen them yet…CANDY CORN CUPCAKES *cupcake dance*Candy Corn Cupcakes!

(Yes, I have a cupcake dance.)

What were your three things this week? And are you making any special Halloween goodies?? :d (And can you tell it’s my favorite holiday? ;))

Look what I got!

Look what I got in the mail last week! A beautiful print:
AND these amazing cards:
…from Our City Lights 😀 You should go check out her shop and blog! She does amazing work, and I’m so grateful for these lovely gifts!
While you’re at it, you should go check out the enchanted hunters – a cute blog about fashion, style, movies, and more – who hosted this beautiful giveaway. Thank you again, ladies!

Look what I got!

Last week I received this lovely little package from Christine of MiniMakMakings:

It’s an adorable handmade card (you should check out her “Card of the Month“) and a soap sample! I was so happy to see that I got a card!! She makes adorable ones, as you can see. I didn’t get a chance to photograph the soap in its cute wrappings, because I was too excited to use it ^_^ It smells great, and is really soft :) Thank you, Christine!

Then Monday I got this awesome package from Kate at Scientific Culture:

I won her giveaway last week, and was soooo stoked to get these!!! I’m just trying to decide which bag(s) I want to put the adorable weather pins on. (You may recall how much I LOVE rainy days ^_^ er, when they aren’t ruining my market ;)) Love, love, love that I have pins to celebrate my favorite weather 😀 And this too-cute robot is marking my spot in my book. Thank you, Kate!!!!!

I’m so lucky to have ‘met’ such lovely people. I am already thinking about my next giveaway, so I can send people things – hopefully making them happy as I am right now :-)


Three ACEOs came in the mail for me this weekend!! I squealed. They’re beautiful :-) [Please excuse the crazy bangs. I thought I’d fixed them, but they must’ve crept up when I wasn’t looking…]

From Christine at MiniMak Makings:
I just about died when I saw the one with my name on it! Great surprise 😀 And I looove that quote one!
From Suzy, my Style School Partner:
An adorable ACEO AND a postcard!! How awesome is she?! She really makes the cutest cartoons. And the postcard is going straight to my postcard wall :)

I’m so glad to have these wonderful ACEOs from friends to start off my collection! And I’ve been working on a few more myself – still stocking up for Saturday’s 78704 Artist Market! I’m excited :D:D


PS: Don’t forget Knit for a Cause TONIGHT! 😀

Giveaway Winner!

I’ve always wanted to draw a name out of a hat ^_^
 I used my Batman hat!
(Thank you, Alex, for helping!)
And the winner is…
Congratulations 😀 Please send me your address!
And….just for fun….I drew a second winner!!!!!

Yay, MELISSA!!!!
Hope you enjoy your surprise prize package 😀 (That’s “Be Creative” Gum – awesome, no?)
Alright, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my birthday! Congrats to the winners, and thank you to everyone who entered!!

Busy Saturday, again

Saturday was crazy busy again! I worked on some new ACEOs, which was awesome. I can’t show some of them, because they are on the way to recipients 😉 But here are a couple new ones:

I really just wanted to draw all day, but things needed to be done! Before I could meet my hubby for lunch (which was wonderful!), I had to run by the Post Office to drop off three envelopes for ACEO swaps! [I may have to organize a larger ACEO swap some time ;)] I had fun decorating the packages:

After lunch with the hubby, I went by Kick Butt Coffee to see if it would be a suitable place for Knit for a Cause (Tuesday, March 16 – you should come!). I think it’ll work out. I wanted somewhere a little north, to make it easier on people coming from that direction. I just need to call and talk to the manager tomorrow :) AND I contacted a few local yarn shops to see if they’ll donate. Should know soon!

Then I got to photograph products and upload my GIVEAWAY post! Make sure you enter :)
Of course, I still have a long list of things to do! I’ve got laundry, a workout, lots of stuff for Etsy Austin, and this embroidery that doesn’t seem to want to embroider itself…

Anyway, I hope you had a fun and productive/relaxing (whichever works for you) Saturday! Until next time, Moxy and I bid you farewell!

Felt Flowers

For Style School, we are supposed to make a photo garland to string up with embellishments. Truth be told, I’m not much of a garland girl. However, I have my awesome postcard wall:


Alex recently replaced my yarn with wire, so it looks even cleaner – straighter at least. (See the before here.) Eventually we’ll probably replace the clothespins with silver binder clips. Then it’ll be really slick!

Anyway, I decided to just embellish my postcard wall with the flowers like so:

I really enjoyed making these flowers. I like the creativity within the same canvas – They all started as a purple felt circle, then I added buttons and embroidery thread. And they’re all different and fun! I made something similar before for hair clips. I may actually use these flowers to attach to a headband like this one! Wouldn’t that be cute?

PS: More photos on Flickr.
PPS: WOW! I have 50 followers! Thanks for the support, everyone 😀 Just in time for an upcoming giveaway, too….;D

Panda Postcard?!?

Just a quick note to share what I received in the mail today:
Isn’t it adorable?!  Thanks, Melissa!!!! I love it ♥
It is already hanging on my postcard wall! I started this a while ago, because I adore getting real mail. Most of them are from my beloved Melissa, who shares my passion (or at least pretends to ;)). It’s great to have a way to display the beauty!
[sorry for the poor photos…just used my computer.]
Okay, loves, I’m off to the Trail of Lights! Yay for date nights!
And happy 3 months to my sweetie ♥

Update of Craziness

Hello! I have been creating like crazy lately, but haven’t had any time to blog! My wedding is only two weeks away (can you believe it??), so all my energy is going into that. Last weekend I made gifts for my bridesmaids. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I’ll have to wait to upload pics! They’re really lovely though, I think. They all match, but they’re all different.

Here’s a picture of our invitations all sewn up and addressed! I actually had a lot of fun doing the calligraphy (even though it took all day >_<). Reply cards are still trickling in - it's like getting a gift every day! I do so love getting mail, don't you?

In other news, I am teaching preschool this fall :) School starts Tuesday!! I think it will be a good year. I know a lot of the kids already (I taught them swim lessons all summer), so that will make it easier. I keep thinking of all the projects I want to do with them! Here’s our first project: self portraits! I didn’t like any of the sheets I found in teacher books, so I drew my own! I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

Well, I’ll be signing off now. I might not be updating much until after the honeymoon, so bear with me! I have so many crafty ideas that are waiting to get out…Can’t wait until I have free time again! 😉