Thursday Threads #31

As we all know, Halloween is this Sunday. *squeal* I LOVE Halloween! How can you not? Costumes + candy = a good time for all.

I’ll be honest: I have not made my costume yet. Right now I’m 80% sure I’ll be this:2010 Oct 28 Thursday Threads #31But a small part of me kiiind of wants to be Ramona from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

She’s a total B.A. and I kind of want to be her.

Ramona = AJ See? Totally me 😉

What are you going to be? Feel free to link to photos!

Etsy Crush: Animal Costumes

Still deciding on my Halloween costume, I thought…maybe I could be one of my favorite animals!

A fox was the first thing that came to mind [from ForwardMotionArt and faerywhere] Fox Animal Fleece Hat Snowboarding Skiing Anime Cosplay Warm Fun Fox, leather mask for halloween

Or maybe a bat? I do love bats :) [from notesonmyporch] Buddha Bat Wings

A hedgehog would be adorable! [from bangbangcrash] Hodgepodge - hedgehog onesie - all in one adult animal costume

A snowy owl would be pretty [from Sundries and Plunder] Snowy Owl Mask

I could go for something wild [from zelnatt] Thigh HIgh Black Panel /Animal Print Leggings 100handmade

Or a gentle, woodland creature? [from LeFeu] White-tailed Deer Costume

But then I remembered what I originally wanted to be 😀 One of my favorite animals of all! [from bangbangcrash] Cutie Pie - Panda Minidress