Thursday Threads #40

The weather has been up and down again this week. Mainly down πŸ˜› But even though it didn’t get above freezing yesterday, it’ll be in the 70s this weekend. But enough about that, on to my favorite outfit this week!

Thursday Threads #40

Knitted sweater – gift
Cerulean fitted t-shirt – Old Navy
Skinny jeans – Gap
Polka dot socks, gray flats, wedding rings

Thursday Threads #39

For the record, on Monday I was wearing a skirt and t-shirt, as it was 75 at dinnertime. It’s 25Β° out right now – and hopefully we’ll be getting snow! I’m really happy with my drawing today. I think I’m getting better at keeping them true to one style. Plus I love this outfit!

Thursday Threads #39

Knitted hat – made by me!
Seafoam green turtleneck – Target, gift from my sister :)
Brown cargo pants, purple knee-high socks, and brown flats

Thursday Threads #36

Hello! Don’t worry – Thursday Threads drawings will resume soon :) I’m just taking some much needed family fun time at the moment. Here are some trends I’m currently loving:

Lace dresses: They’re a little girlier than my normal style, but paired with a military jacket or some chunky boots – perfection for me! (Anthropologie)Spinning Lace Dress

Sweater dresses (with leggings): Super comfy and easy on the figure πŸ˜‰ (Victoria’s Secret)Sloucy Cable Sweaterdress

Thigh-high socks: Of course I’ve always loved these, especially knit! (American Apparel)

Over-the-knee boots: There’s a fine line between sexy and slutty, but if done right these look great! (Saks Fifth Avenue)

Dolce Vita Braeden Suede Over-The-Knee Boots

Santa Threads

It’s Thursday Threads time! But today, in honor of a Handmade Holiday, I’m sharing some awesome winter clothing tutorials!

A Santa Hat by Puppy52Dolls. It’s for a Blythe doll, but you can customize it for any size!Santa’s Hat pattern

The Purl Bee has a tutorial for these beautiful flip-top mittens:Hand Warmers and Flip Top Mittens

Make a festive headband with creativeyarn:


This patchwork scarf by Sew, Mama, Sew! is adorable for kids or adults!Patchwork Scarf Tutorial

You can find these toe-up socks on Knitty:toe-up short-row sock worksheet

And make these adorable tie on slippers from Cut Out + Keep:The Elle Tie On Slippers