Etsy Finds: Texas

If you can say anything about Texas, you can say we’re proud of our state. And as I pulled out my burnt orange to wear Saturday, I thought, It’s time for a Texas Etsy Finds!
We’ll begin with the capitol (and my town) – in this adorable cuff by vsc83:
Followed by a Texas pendant by AmeliaBeth (a fellow Austinite!):
Have to include Texas bluebonnets, like this print from wildemoon:
Boston terrier in a UT dog vest?! Yes please. (by TerrierTrousers)
Speaking of longhorns…Check out this colorful oil painting by HamjArt:
See the yellow rose of Texas in this print by EavesdroppingPoet:
I love this acrylic painting of the hill country be davidpaints:
I think I need this cutting board by AHeirloom:
And we’ll end with Austin again: Congress Bridge Bats by 2and21:
Isn’t Texas a beautiful place? 😉

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